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Polaris XP Turbo & XP4 Turbo (DRS) Dual Rate Spring Kit

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LEVEL 4 spring kit


Our level 4 spring kit is the ultimate in suspension improvement through springs.  It includes 8 new race springs as well as 4 sets of cross over rings. This completes the full Dual Rate spring kit. The LOWER springs we supply are a heavier rate than the factory springs which helps you even more by eliminating bottoming, body roll, front dive and rear squat. They allow you to run the cross over rings higher on the shock which lets you feel the softer combined spring rate longer for a more plush ride. Since the lower springs only come into play in the biggest hits you can run harder and faster than you ever could have before without bottoming out.  This is the ultimate in smooth ride while still sacrificing nothing in the big hits.



All of our proprietary springs are made in the USA from the highest quality CrSi materials. This means they are always the exact rate we want and don’t fade or break. They cost more when made from this material but are absolutely worth it when it comes to function and longevity. They are also warrantied for life!