Polaris RZR Extreme Duty II Armature Plate

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Tired of front differential problems? Stop settling for imitations and demand the most extreme armature plate ever produced.  There is no better way to do that than to get your plate from the guys that ORIGINALLY designed and produced the FIRST EVER upgraded armature plate in the industry.  Now available by popular demand, you asked so we delivered.  Previously only available with the Stage 1 differential kit, we took the Extreme Duty Armature Plate and made it more Extreme by providing you with twice the amount of engagement tabs.  When you want the strongest armature plate ever produced, look no further than the Extreme Duty II Armature Plate!

No detail was overlooked while designing these Extreme Duty II Armature Plates.  First we started with armor plating an already incredibly strong material, then we added 50% more material in critical weak spots drastically reducing strain on the engagement tabs.  Speaking of engagement tabs, all our engagement tabs are machined into the armature plates to ensure there are no weak spots are created from the bending process unlike factory units.  The answer is clear, demand the original, demand the strongest, demand the best armature plate on the market.  At more than 4x the strength of a factory armature plate, and 2x the strength of the Extreme Duty Armature plate, these are the most Extreme Duty Armature Plates ever produced, PERIOD!


  • Improved 4 wheel drive engagement
  • Armor Plated for strength and longevity
  • Much stronger than stock and aftermarket plates
  • 50% more material in critical areas
  • 2x Machined engagement tabs

Your Sprague carrier must be able to accept a 12 tab armature plate!  Will not work with factory Sprague carrier/Roller Cage.  If you need to upgrade your sprague carrier/roller cage, all of our RZR 1K/Turbo cages will work with this plate.

Will Fit:
Polaris RZR 1ooo XP – 2014+ (Will not work with factory Sprague Carrier)
Polaris RZR 1000 XP 4 – ALL (Will not work with factory Sprague Carrier)
Polaris RZR 1000 S – 2016+ (Will not work with factory Sprague Carrier)
Polaris RZR Turbo XP- 2016 + (Will not work with factory Sprague Carrier)