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Make Your Transmission Stronger
If you want to push your Polaris General 1000 RANGER. Turf mode is designed for slow moving machines, easy riding, and stock parts. One-wheel drive might be good for your grass, but it’s bad for your transmission. If you ride your Ranger the way it’s meant to be ridden, your turf mode becomes a ticking time bomb even when it’s disengaged. Whether you’re repairing or upgrading, our complete chromoly gear and bearing kit replaces the turf mode system in your transmission and makes it a whole lot stronger.

Turf Mode can Explode Even if You’re Not Using It
It’s not a matter of if your turf mode will explode, it’s a matter of when. This is especially true on a RANGER—it’s built for both speed and power, and turf mode is not. Even if you always keep it disengaged, it is still just as likely to blow, and it’ll probably take your whole transmission with it when it does. Delete it now so you can save a whole heap of cash later.