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Billet Spring Return RS1 / Turbo S

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Wanna run what we run in our racing machines?  Here is your chance. 


With the release of the Polaris RS1 and Turbo S came a completely different style of front differential setup.  With this new setup also came new challenges in order to take these machines to the next level.  With our years of front differential experience and our cutting edge designs who better than to release some of the first killer upgrades for these front differentials.  Once we received the first differential we immediately evaluated and began designing improvements that we foresaw being critical weak spots and boy where we right.  We were already getting calls and request for parts before we had the first prototype part off of the machine.

Our RS1 & Turbo S Billet Spring Return will impress you in every way when compared to a factory plastic return.   Not only have we started with a much better and stronger material, we took it to the next level and had our Billet Spring Returns hardened anodized to prevent wear and add to longevity and life of the unit.  We have also added tons of materiel in critical areas such as the engagement tabs.  Our tabs are more than double the thickness of a factory plastic piece.  What this will do for you is ensure that you are not going to shear the plastic tabs off in those rough conditions. Just like all our other differential products, our Billet Spring Returns are designed and built in house, right here in the USA!

•  Hardened Anodized Billet Replaces Weak Plastic
•  More Than 50% Added Material In Critical Areas

Will Fit:
RZR RS1 – 2018- Current
RZR Turbo S – 2018-Current

NOTE: RS1 & Turbo S Billet Spring Return Only!  Does NOT come with springs, you must reuse your factory springs and spring pads.