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Adjustable Sway Bar Bushing and Bracket

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This is the cure for all that slop and clunking behind the seats on your RZR. 

We have addressed the issue with this adjustable bracket and bushing. 

This kit is adjustable to fit the individual amount of wear you have on your sway bar diameter and it also has slotted mounting holes in order to get the side to side movement out. 

You will need to determine if you have a 1 1/16 or 1 1/8 diameter sway bar and select that option when ordering.

This is for the rear sway bar only.


  • Install Directions

    Each bushing/bracket set is side specific. 

    Make sure the shoulder of the bushing meets the shoulder on the sway bar and the slot in the bracket is on the bottom side. 

    Remove your sway bar links.  

    First, slide the plastic bushing on the bar, and then add the aluminum bracket. (You can loosen the 2 outer screws on the bracket and then tighten the center set screw to give you more clearance to slide the bracket up on the bushing). 

    Once you have both sides on, adjust and take out the side to side movement of the sway bar, and then tighten the brackets to the chassis. 

    Next, adjust the friction when the bar rotates by loosening the center set screw and then tightening the outer screws to clamp down on the bar. (Do Not over tighten!  You just want a nice amount of friction when you rotate the sway bar). 

    Once adjusted, tighten the center set screw, and then go back to the outer screws and tighten them next. 

    Reinstall your sway bar links.  

    Grease the bushings through the zerk fitting. We recommend Bell Ray waterproof grease and we also recommend greasing after each ride.