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AA Custom Tuned Power Vision for 2022-Up RZR 200

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If you are looking for an easy to use ECU tuner loaded with the most badass custom tunes on the market, you've found it!  This DynoJet Power Vision 3 is a very simple, yet effective device that programs your ECU in a few minutes, and easily allows you to switch between tunes, or return to the factory tune.  The PV3 has the advantage over other ECU tuners as it actually reads what's inside your ECU before tuning.  This ensures the correct tune is being loaded, making it a very safe device.  The AA custom tunes deliver the most possible power gains.  With our expert knowledge of Bosch throttle by wire ECU tuning, we are able to get around factory limiters, make a more responsive machine, and of course create more horsepower and torque.  Our tunes are loaded on the Power Vision 3 just for your machine, so all you do is open the box and download them into your ECU.  See below for even more features of our custom tunes.


  • For the RZR 200 the throttle by wire gives Polaris an easier option to limit your horsepower and how that power comes on. We change all of that to really bring the 200 motor to life and give its full potential when you/your child wants it.  This model we feel is tuned very poorly from the factory.  Simple drivability and even idle is much better with our tune.  The stock tune is very lazy down low as you can see from the dyno chart.  It's very slow to get up to peak power, jumps up, then hits the OEM speed limiter.  Our tune will be a huge benefit to your young experienced rider as they have the power/response to help them navigate hills and other riding situations where power on tap is needed.
  • Peak horsepower gains of over 40%, 7.51 RWHP to 10.76 RWHP with the spark arrestor removed (see dyno chart)
  • Quicker throttle response and power delivery
  • Throttle by wire limiters disabled
  • Reverse throttle mapping is too aggressive from the factory, this has been tamed down to make the vehicle more controllable
  • AA's wicked timing curve built for 91-93 octane fuel.  The OEM timing mapping was terrible.
  • A great fuel curve that gives much better low end (as well as all around) power as the factory map is very lean or rich in different key areas.
  • Much better idle mapping, OEM calibration was very lean and the vehicle almost wants to die
  • Better cold start mapping
  • Speed limiter is removed/tricked by 25%. Vehicle will run 34-35 MPH (5-7 MPH faster than stock). Because of the dash/app speed control we are not able to bump the speed limiter out.  We set the speedometer calibration so it reads slower than actual speed by a little bit. The speedometer with OEM tires will read around 27-28 MPH when actual is 34-35 MPH.  The dash/app speed control is still fully active, but make sure you account for the speedometer reading being inaccurate.  
  • Rev limit at a safe 8200 RPM (factory rev limit is 7750)
  • Other various tables extended out to make power at higher speed/RPM
  • Separate tunes are built for 91-93 octane and 87-89 octane.  We highly suggest the 91-93 octane fuel tune as it gives you the most power and always suggested to run in powersports vehicles.
  • Very easy to use tuner that can also check and erase most trouble codes
  • Easily data log 25 parameters with 1 push of a button and review on your windows computer later
  • No mess of having to send in your ECU, and a safer way of programming your ECU
  • Simply plug the tuner in, flash, and remove. You can also mount it on the dash if you want to use it as a gauge. *Selecting to receive a gauge mount for this model will come with a different diagnostic cable that connects under the center of the dash*
  • See how to install and use the tuner in this VIDEO . *Standard Polaris diagnostic cable connection is located on the left side the driver's seat on the RZR 200*
  • If you have any other needs in the tunes or concerns; please e-mail!