1/10 PowerStroke Front Shocks: ARRMA 3S & MEGA

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This is a pair of PowerStroke Front Shocks for ARRMA® 3S vehicles. Pro-Line is ready to unleash high-performance PowerStroke Shocks that have been specifically designed for your ARRMA® 3S vehicles! What makes these shocks so special? They include 14mm big bore aluminum shock bodies with infinite spring pre-load adjustment, strong machined aluminum shock caps, beefy 3.5mm shock shafts, and true dual-rate springs for a massive performance and durability upgrade over the stock shocks. For the 3S line of vehicles, all you need to do is fill the shocks with oil, install, and go! This PowerStroke Shock is one of the most important upgrades available for your truck or buggy. Get your PowerStroke shocks today!

With the optional Front (PRO635904) Spring Assortments you can also take your PowerStroke shocks to the next level by tuning them to match your needs.

Is it time to rebuild your shocks? Pro-Line has you covered with the O-Ring Replacement Kit (PRO635902) that includes all necessary items needed to rebuild 2 shocks.

Did you break a plastic part on your shocks? Pro-Line has you covered with the Replacement Plastics (PRO635903) kit that includes all the plastics for 2 shocks.

Whether you are looking for the best set up for your local track or bashing around your back yard, these Pro-Line PowerStroke will assure you have the best performance and a great time!

PRO635900 | PowerStroke Shocks for Senton™ 3S, Typhon™ 3S, Granite™ 3S & Big Rock™ 3S Front



  • High-Performance Shock Upgrade for ARRMA® 3S Vehicles
  • 14mm Big Bore Aluminum Shock Bodies with Infinite Spring Pre-load Adjustment
  • Strong Machined Aluminum Shock Caps
  • Beefy 3.5mm Shock Shafts
  • True Dual-Rate Springs Included
  • Injection Molded, Super Durable Shock Shaft Guard and Shock Ends
  • Dual O-ring Seals and Upper and Lower Shock Shaft Guides
  • Pre-assembled Just Add Oil!


  • ARRMA® Senton™ 3S Front
  • ARRMA® Typhon™ 3S Front
  • ARRMA® Granite™ 3S Front
  • ARRMA® Big Rock™ 3S Front


Extended Length:
101.0 mm *
Collapsed Length:
71.0 mm *
* no limiters