Team Rock Life Racing shows up at Race2Riches3 qualifier in TN

Team Rock Life Offroad was representing at full force during the Pro Rock Racing Race 2 Riches 3 - Stage1.
3 of the 6 Qualified for the finals
Jamie Coldiron 8th.  Jamie had another solid run in Paycheck and made it out the top to lead team Rock Life once again.

Jason Cruse 10th. Jason has been followed by mechanical failures and poor steering all season long.  After installing a new diff and steering rack this past week was easily able to avoid the dreaded stump that caused so many roll overs.

Gilbert Hollingsworth 13th.

In the much anticipated return of the Silver Bullet, Gilbert was able to make both hills while battling some engine troubles.  Once this little buggy is lined out he will be a favorite for the finals. 

Travis Skelton and Jimmy Elam both took nasty tumbles down hill 1 and did not make it to hill 2, while Alex was plagued with diff troubles and really never attempted hill 1. 

Travis, Jimmy, and Alex will all be running the LCQ Friday before the finals, be prepared for a show!!!


Gilbert Hollingsworth also had a very strong run in the Outlaw Bouncer finishing just outside the podium in 4th place. 

*Alex not pictured

Photos By BlackDog Photography LLC