With 2018 fast underway and both major series rolling you can expect racing almost weekend this year.  Pro UTV racing started the season at AOP in southern TN on a wet, slick and muddy hill.  The weather proved to be major factor as only a handful of drivers made it to the top of the hill on either of their two runs. 

     Two of those drivers just happened to be Team RockLife. Gilbert Hollingsworth made the hill on run 1 without much trouble however failed to finish hill 2 within the allotted time. This was good enough to grab second place for the event.outlaw

     Wesley Gatlin brought home first place for the weekend, while team RockLife driver, Travis Skelton finished the event in 3rd place.   After flopping on hill one in his very first drive in the new buggy,  Travis made his second run count and brought home a great time. AOP PRO UTV PODIUM2018

    Next the drivers went south to Texas for the CRRS season opener near Dallas. Not unlike the first event of the season, weather played a huge role as massive rains had set in around the area all week leading to the event.  However hat did not seem to slow these drivers down on a very technical course of rock.  Team RockLife represented well in Texas with all but one finishing the course.  With only a handful of drivers left in the event it seemed as though the usual suspects had it in the bag.  Travis Skelton had a little something to say about that however.   Travis busted out of the gate in his Gilberts Offroad Chassis and never slowed down.   Turning in the fastest time of the day by over 4 seconds.  It would appear that the new chassis is agreeing well with Travis and his driving style.  Look for more great thing to come this year from 427 Racing.  CRRS TEXAS UTV 2018

Rounding out the field in Texas for team RockLife..

1. Travis Skelton - 7. Jamie Coldiron - 8. Stacy Wilhoit - 9. Jason Cruse - 25. Kyle Lowery - 30. Clint Garrison (DNF)