RockLife Podium Takeover Continues at DTOR


RockLife Racing had another great showing at DTOR for the first race in the SRRS UTV Bounty Series hill climb event in Bedford, KY.  Travis Skelton set the fast time on hill 1 which means in the event of a tiebreaker on hill 5, he held the edge. All 5 hills took out their share of racers including RockLife racers Jason Cruse (Mechanical Failure Hill 3), Gilbert Hollingsworth (Mechanical Failure- Hill 2) and Clint Garrison ( Mechanical Failure- Hill 2).

Only 3 drivers made it to the final of 5 Bounty Hills. 

RockLife driver Travis Skelton was first to go and made fairly quick of the double ledge at the bottom of the hill and walked up the rest of the way with ease.   Travis has been on a unprecedented tear of late with 3 consecutive podium finishes with 2 straight SRRS wins.  His Gilbert's Offroad Chassis combined with outstanding driving and quality parts have come together quickly and will be around for quite some time at the top. 

After having some difficulty on hill 4 (and making the save of the day) before going out the top, RockLife Driver Jamie Coldiron, was second to try the final hill.  The giant ledge at the bottom took its toll on the Paycheck buggy quickly  leaving Jamie but no choice to abandon his run after the front stopped pulling.  

 Mike Fleener and his Hellacious Can-Am X3 was the last of the competitors to make it to hill 5.  Mike has been doing some outstanding work since he came on the scene last season but had no luck on the final hill today. 

Next stop for RockLife racing is the SRRS Cup Race at Windrock Park on March 10th.  Drivers meeting for UTV is 7am with Racing starting at 8 sharp.  You can catch all the UTV racers as well as the big Rock Bouncers in the same day. 

ALL PHOTOS- Black Dog Photography and Design LLC