UTV Stock Class

- All Front and Side Plastics must remain. (Bed Deletes are Allowed)

- Must Maintian OEM Chassis.

- Gusseting and Cage upgrades are allowed for safety.

- Upgraded suspension and driveline components are allowed.

UTV Unlimited Class

- 6 point Roll cage tied into the frame. If roll cage is damaged or dented and jeopardizes the structural ability of of the cage, NRRA officials will determine if the rig is safe to race.

- Custom Chassis is allowed but must maintain UTV based components.

- Upgraded suspension and drivelines are allowed.

- No straight axles allowed.

Safety Requirements for both UTV Classes

- Wrist Restraints or Window nets/Roof Panels are required.

- Hans/neck brace is required. Foam neck braces do not qualify.

- 5pt. Harness is the minimum requirement for seat belts.

- DOT Helmet must be worn (and buckled) at all times.

- Fire suit must be worn while racing. 2 layer minimum.

- Must have 1 fire extinguisher easily reached by the driver.

- Eye protection is required.

- All occupants must be secure before the car moves.

- Registration closes prior to each event. This is to allow us to film the pre race show and draw the running order. Late registration may be allowed but will be $100 added to the entry fee. Running order for late entries will be decided by the NRRA team. We may decline late registration depending on number of entries.

- Media must be approved by NRRA for access, and have green, orange, or yellow media vest.

- Barriers will be used to keep spectators back, and if you are across the line, then you will be escorted from property. Safety has always been top priority for SRRS, and we will enforce these safety rules above everything else.

- If we put a time on a hill, its to keep someone from trying for a long time and still not making it. If it looks like you may still climb it we will allow you continue for a short time after the time limit.

- It is up to the race team to make sure your rig is ready and passes tech inspection. NRRA officials make the final decision to pass or fail a race rig. We will do tech inspections starting Friday before the race, and will continue to inspect rigs up to 1 hour before drivers meeting. If your rig fails tech then you have until one hour before the drivers meeting to bring your rig up to code. So if you are unsure about your set up, make sure you get there early so you will have time to make repairs before the final tech inspection.