About Us

Rock Life Offroad was founded by Bryant and Paige Dunagan in 2016 as an apparel and decal business.  After traveling to a few local races and UTV events the passion sat in for UTVs and UTV Racing.   While we still offer our own apparel the focus has changed to selling UTV parts and UTV service. 

During our first years we traveled as a transient vendor at races and started sponsoring racers in the National Rock Racing association.  During the 2018 season we decided to scale back on "Sponsoring" drivers and build our own racing program with Bryant and Brandon Grapevine teaming up to finish in in the top 10 of the UTV Cup series within the NRRA in 2019.  

Driving and working the events proved to be a bit much so we brought in Dan Carter to drive the "WonderBuggy" in 2020.   Dan has remained with the team and has signed a contract to continue driving for Team RockLife Racing through the 2025 season.